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[LRRP] Clan

While we don't do much in the forums anymore, below is a quick run down of the history of the community. Feel free to catch us on Xbox - LRRP Quins, LRRP Taz, or Lumist


[LRRP]'s Origins

[LRRP] Clan came about thanks to Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The Madman and Quins would go into random servers to cause free-for-all battles. After numerous days of accidently killing each other instead of the enemy, Madman recommended to Quins that [LRRP] be added to their gamer names so they could recognize each other.



After a clan or two rejected join requests from Madman and Quins, the decision was made to rope Lumist into the mix to form a stand alone clan. From there things moved at a rapid pace - acquiring new members seemed to come easily for us, especially Madman. Quins started branching out into other clans to see if internally he could disrupt their function and flow. Success was found with several clans and membership grew. [LRRP] developed several close allies during the early days as well, the most influencial being KwsN. KwsN ended up in their own hot water and ended up desolving, leaving several members to join [LRRP].


Easy Come, Easy Go

Some time around 2007, Quins and Madman got into it over only God knows what at this point...it left the clan broken and divided. Members were left to make a hard choice, stay with Madman, Lumist, Reborn, and Taz, leave with Quins, or find a new home. Everything that happened destroyed what this community had been growing to be, over nothing more than egos.

Of many things in life, this is probably one of the biggest regrets that I have - a livelihood and bond that was created with dozens of people, upended and destroyed in a few short days. Trust between close friends broken and never fully healed or forgiven. When I look back, it is a large hole that formed in my life and I do not think it is something that I will ever really be able to explain to anyone.


In Closing

With Madman's passing in January of 2019, looking back at the slow death of this community over the years has been difficult for me to reflect upon. These [LRRP]ers were my friends, my family, and today in 2020, only a small few of us talk anymore. To say I loved everyone that was apart of the community would be an understatement.

This will probably be the last time that the website gets updated, unless someone emails me for corrections/additions/deletions.


[LRRP] Council

The Madman

Rest In Peace Brother